“I learnt how to mimic President Buhari in 1 day” – Popular comedian, MC Tagwaye

“I learnt how to mimic President Buhari in 1 day” – Popular comedian, MC Tagwaye

MC Tagwaye is the Katsina State-born comedian who has taken internet by storm as he looks, dresses, and talks like President Muhammadu Buhari. Speaking in a recent interview on how he learnt mimicking President Buhari, the popular comedian said, ” I have always been a comic person by nature and I have been mimicking people for a very long time, though I did not choose to make it a career. I just used to mimic people whenever I was with my friends and family and they would always laugh.




“I have always had love and passion for President Buhari since I was in primary school. Back then, the president used to pass through my town whenever he was going to his hometown in Daura. We used to calculate the time he would pass which was either Friday or Saturday and whenever he passed, we would wave at him and he would wave back at us. The love I have for him did not start today; so when he won the election, I just thought to myself that since I admire him so much, I should come up with this concept. That was how I began to mimic the president.I learnt how to mimic Buhari in one day after I watched his interview with Saharareporters in Kaduna in 2011. I just watched the video once and it was a nine minutes clip.”




On his first performance before the President at an event in Katsina State, MC Tagwaye said,” This is an army General we are talking about; he doesn’t laugh, he can only smile. The people sitting on his table were looking at his countenance to know whether to laugh or not. They were indecisive but there was something I said that was very funny, so the president turned his face to a corner and laughed, then the rest followed suit. That was when they were free to laugh. It was very hilarious.


“After my performance, I demanded to take a picture with the president and even though his security personnel were surrounding him, I walked straight to him and before I got to him, he stood up and we took a picture together. After the picture, a governor informed the president that I have a twin brother and he also invited my twin to take a picture with him. Some people do not know that I am a twin but Tagwaye, my stage name, means twins in Hausa.




“Since then, I have not had an opportunity to see him even though I have not made any effort. I feel there is no reason for me to see the president. I have decided that this is what I want to do with my comedy and I defend the president’s interest on all of my platforms. One thing I promised myself is that with this act, I am not going to do anything that would be detrimental to his image and person. By so doing, there are so many things I don’t do and there are so many occasions I have had to turn down.”