Rev. Emeka King: “Why I flogged my church members”

Rev. Emeka King: “Why I flogged my church members”

The General Overseer of Christ Praying Assembly (CPA),Rev. Emeka Ezeugo King was on Friday, 26th February 2016 sentenced to death by the Supreme Court. When he was arrested in 2006, he narrated the circumstances that led to the incident while he was detained inside the cell of the State Criminal Investigations Department (SCID), Panti in Lagos. King was arrested by the police for setting six members of his church on fire.

On why he poured petrol on the church members, King had in 2006 said: “Why must I pour fuel on my worshippers? That day in question, 20 members of my church wedded and after that, I proceeded to my house. We were all feeling very happy. In my residence that evening, I heard shouts of Daddy. The screams came from one of my daughters (he calls female members of his church daughters) Kelechi. I was wearing shorts and I ran down from upstairs.



“I saw flame of fire on my daughter, Ann. When I came down, one man was helping to douse the fire on her while some other people were there. I helped in drawing her to the tap but the tap was not running. I was also praying while trying to save her. Fortunately, the fire went off. We then took her to the nearest hospital where she started receiving treatment.”



On allegations that he flogged his church members, King stated further: “I am a preacher. I know that the spirit of witchcraft is against the Almighty God. If somebody is a liar, he is bewitching God. I don’t condone lie. Dr. King does not condone sin. I flog a lot. I have canes. If husband and wife mess up by having misunderstanding, I have to settle them. But the person that is at fault, I must flog. If the person refuses to be flogged, I will send him out of the church.”